Interior, Exterior and Home Staging Expertise

Your Space

1. Interior Design

New construction or remodeling project can be overwhelming (and scary) for any space. Even though you may already have the vision and direction to move forward, David specializes in guiding you through larger product selection like carpet, cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and appliances all the way to the smaller details of accessorizing and finishing your space. David’s design expertise and process allows for the client to be as involved or hands-off as they wish. David provides customizable services tailored to your specific project needs, deadlines and budget.

Selling Your Home

2. Home Staging Consultation

Are you a realtors or property owner looking for that extra return ion investment? David can provide advice and review of what needs to be done to the property before the sellers list it to guarantee the best possible price. Creating emotional connection points and distraction from flaws and presenting a property in its best light is what staging is all about. David provides both occupied and vacant options to clients.

Project Management

3. Owner’s Representation

An owner’s representative is someone who acts as a representative for the owner of a construction project. Do not confuse an owner’s representative with a project manager though – a project manager is more of a “hands-on” position whereas an owner’s representative tends to stand back and oversee the project. David can be called on to make important decisions if an owner is unavailable or has deferred entirely to the representative for all important decisions.  An owner’s representative may step in at any stage of a construction project. Some owner’s bring in a representative at the conceptual stage of a project while others wait until construction actually begins. Once a representative is brought in, however, the representative will act as a liaison between the broker, design team, landlords, contractors, and client vendors and the owner. This is David’s true specialty.

Marketing Your Company

4. Tradeshows / Events

Looking to attend a tradeshow/event and don’t know where to start? David Mucci Design provides tradeshow/event solutions for companies of all sizes. From space planning and lighting to booth design and construction consultation, David and his partners can take your company to the next level with your tradeshow/event design.

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