David Mucci

Founder, President & Principal Designer

Growing up in Stow, MA, David had a hard time being a city kid in a bourgeoise, rural life. Leaving for LA the instant he grabbed his high school diploma, he set out to obtain a degree from USC and a Masters from the London School of Economics. After working on Capitol Hill and interning with various California politicians, David decided he didn’t want to wear a suit anymore, so he joined the entertainment business. Working his way up from mailroom associate at The William Morris Agency to Production Manager at Universal Music Group, David had the opportunity to meet celebrities; mix tracks for films; go to record release parties and live the life of a heathen Angeleno. By 2005, things had taken a turn for the insane and he needed a change. Moving to the Bay Area and working for a major video game company proved to be a challenging experience.  David was used to the hustle and bustle of L.A. and the slower pace of life almost destroyed him – the food and the weather were good but where was the PASSION? Ultimately, he met a guy and moved to Palm Springs to build the house of his dreams.

After designing and decorating a mid-century modern palace of glass, steel & concrete to within an inch of it’s life, it was time to leave the sun and the heat behind. He looked at the map and Portland beckoned like a verdant siren in the night. In the summer of 2013, he moved and never looked back. David credits his mother with giving him the gift of ‘the eye’ and for showing him the true meaning of good design.

David was featured on the podcast You Don’t Say… give his story a listen, below:

Awards & Affiliations

  • Building Industry Association of Clark County Building Excellence Award for Best Residential Interior Design for the Houser Meditation Room – August 15th, 2019
  • Member of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce since May 2019
  • Ivy Designer – David Mucci Interiors proudly uses Ivy software for Interior Design excellence.

Fun facts about David

  • The Platypus is his spirit animal
  • when he was a kid, he wanted to be one of the people on The Price Is Right who presented the products to the contestants
  • has four Persian cats who get more expensive haircuts than he does
  • his favorite color is fuchsia
  • he would like to have lunch with Coco Chanel

Jeremy Romig

Executive Vice President, Project Execution

Growing up on a Naval base in Bremerton, Washington, Jeremy’s ethos is deeply influenced by his desire for a rooted, grounded life. Moving to Portland when we was 18, Jeremy turned to BMX, tae kwon do, kickboxing at the local rec center to keep himself out of trouble. It worked! Later, he became a care-giver to his grandmother and became a direct apprentice to a traditional Japanese Martial Arts school. Working and learning alongside other Ninjas for ten years, Jeremy used his martial arts powers for good – for security, construction, helping women leave challenging situations, and finally, finish carpentry. After meeting Rob, he decided to become a fixture at courthouse auctions using investor money to purchase and remodel over 140 houses. In 2019, Jeremy met David Mucci and friendship and a partnership was formed. Jeremy lives his life by the ancient and sacred Bushido Code – honesty and integrity are of paramount importance to this driven man.

Fun facts about Jeremy:

  • The Tengu is his spirit animal
  • when he was a kid, he wanted to be an X-Wing fighter pilot and a Jedi knight
  • he loves dogs and cats
  • he loves to be decisive and commit to something (23 years in martial arts!)
  • he would like to have lunch with Keanu Reeves          

Rob Killen

Executive Vice President, Project Management

A Bay-Area native, Rob’s decade of experience remodeling homes came through a circuitous route. Growing up with parents who taught him the value of a dollar, Rob gained experience in college by repairing luggage and being a caregiver. His ethos about the benefit of helping others took a superhero-esque turn during his decade-long tenure managing a comic book store. After the death of his parents in 2007, Rob chased his dream of flipping homes to Vancouver, WA, from San Mateo. Partnering with courthouse auction maven, Jeremy Romig, Rob gained experience by buying foreclosure properties and doing full rehabilitations of them. In 2019, Rob met David Mucci through Jeremy Romig, and RMK Luxury was born.

Fun facts about Rob:

  • The Dog is his spirit animal
  • his secret addiction is to building complex Lego kits
  • his favorite pastime is martial arts
  • he enjoys photography
  • his favorite color is British racing green

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